Meet the Team of Associates


In an industry where customer service is paramount, Douglas Hotte and Associates have modeled a landmark in the industry-signifying trust with a proven reputation as being focused with an incredible work ethic. Having structured a dynamic of their own they consistently get the job done on time and with the highest standards while always maintaining excellence in service. Their tireless commitment to building long lasting relationships, while establishing leadership in the industry and delivering outstanding market results while exceeding clients expectations to achieve their Goals.


Douglas Hotte has made service excellence his passion!

When it comes to his clients, he is committed, dedicated and hard working. With over 40 years in Sales and Marketing, 10 years of which being an Award winning Industry Leader in Real Estate Sales in Northumberland County, Douglas knows what needs to be done to exceed Clients’ goals and expectations. He is focused on treating each home sale or purchase individually as his own. He has consistently demonstrated a drive to maintain a strong work ethic and moral compass. Always striving for growth, Douglas is now leading an incredible Team that mirrors his Life’s Passion of Service Excellence and relationship building with their clients long after the transactions are closed, and looking forward with excitement to meeting future Clients.


As an integral force within Douglas Hotte & Associates for years, Lorraine exemplifies personalized service and solid communication. Whether moving Clients from Country to City life, or vice versa, she has consistently built lastings relationships, always striving to fulfill Clients goals, while exceeding expectations. When it comes to making life-changing decisions of selling or buying a home, Lorraine is focused to educate and empower her Clients. She demonstrates certainty to the process, with her infectious humour and enthusiasm, resulting into lasting relationships. Lorraine is passionate about country life in Northumberland and feels fortunate to share all the community offers with her spouse and children.



As a major contributor to the Douglas Hotte & Associates team over the last 6 years, Elina has seen each community evolve into uniquely distinct settings to suit a wide variety of lifestyles.  Elina excels at connecting with clients as their partner, not just their agent. She values getting to know her buyers and sellers, and the responsibility of aligning herself with the ultimate goals of her clients in earnest cooperation. Elina aims to leave no questions unanswered, or unasked. She understands the personal aspect of real estate and uses her expertise to enable clients to make informed decisions and to guide them through the process as smoothly as possible.