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With Your Home Purchase – Needs and wants

With an appreciation of what you can afford, determine your needs and wants within your home purchase price range:

Consider your current lifestyle as well as any lifestyle changes you foresee longer term.

Select an urban, suburban or rural location that best serves the needs of your evolving lifestyle.

Choose neighbourhoods in close proximity to the amenities that are most important to you like schools, shopping, entertainment, recreation and transportation.

Consider your commute times to work, school, friends and family.

Determine the size of home you require, such as the minimum number of bedrooms, as well as any other space requirements, like room for a home office.

Understand the home features most important to you, such as additional bathrooms or a large yard.

Decide on a property type that suits your lifestyle, needs and finances whether condo, townhouse, single or multi-family dwelling.

Ask for Help:

I can help you validate your needs and wants in light of current market conditions. Put my expertise to work for you and learn more about these steps in your home purchase:


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