Buying a Home – 4 You’re a guest… for now

Helping You

With Your Home Purchase – Viewing Homes

When viewing properties you are interested in, it is important to remain objective. I will help you understand the importance of looking beyond surface aesthetics at:

A home’s exterior features from the foundation to the walls, the roof, the eaves and downspouts, drainage, windows, doors, fencing and landscaping.

A home’s interior fittings such as walls, floors, outlets and switches, lighting, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and appliances.

A home’s heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems.

Visible signs of problems such as water or pest damage.

The benefits of having all of the above investigated thoroughly by a qualified home inspector.

Noise levels from neighbouring properties, the street, cars and public transport, and where applicable, highways, railways and airports.

The ability for you to live comfortably, according to your pre-determined needs and wants, with available space for your furnishings and storage requirements.

Ask for Help:

I can help you take an objective look, beyond the window dressing, at the homes you choose to view. Put my expertise to work for you and learn more about these steps in your home purchase:


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Needs & Wants

Viewing Homes